Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Since Halloween is coming towards us with huge steps, we decided to prepare something special and very useful for you guys. Some of you may have already planned out an entire outfit and some probably don't even know yet if they're gonna do anything at all. So for the indecisive ones amongst you, we created this challenge to prevent you from going to a Halloween party as a sexy kitten or something else as uncreative as that. 
The costumes we put together all consist of things we already had in our closets and we're pretty sure you own stuff that's similar to ours or maybe even better! Just remember, the key essentials to great costumes are make up and a whole lotta attitude, cuz you gotta work that outfit gurl! 

Here it comes! For this first round of our instant costume challenge, we let ourselves be inspired by witches, cause let's be honest, everybody wanted to have magical powers at one point in their lives (we still do...) There are a thousand ways to interpret the classic witch costume. 
We chose a modern day witch, with high heels, a nice peplum and skin tight pencil skirt. Classy, witchy and sexy at the same time. Complete that look with dark eye make up and luscious red lips. If you want to have an edgier costume, try our interpretation of the sorceress. With a sheer maxi dress and knitted top worn over it, you'll only need some feathers in your hair and/or a dead animal over your shoulder and you'll convince everyone that you live in the woods and sacrifice men to your secret goddess. 

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