Saturday, October 26, 2013


We have already shown you how to create an awesome costume, so now it is time to pimp your crib! 
We had a lovely handicraft afternoon, took some pictures and had a nice glass of wine. 
Just sit back, relax and envy us for our crafty skills! Just kidding, anybody can do it because yes, it's that simple.  

 "Snakes in a jar" No Samuel L. Jackson there, sorry guys.

 Meet Hedwig, our transsexual pet owl. 

 Cordelia, the slightly confused ghost. 

 Jack the Pumpkin King and Luna the speaking cat (we know she has a crescent moon on her forehead and not a star, but it was easier to carve).

 Paper bag lanterns. A.k.a "the easiest".

 Hedwig's got a dirty mouth!

 Meet Witch Vader. So fancy! 

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