Thursday, October 3, 2013


We thought we’d give you another opportunity to decide whether you like us or not. Just kidding! No actually we’re not. We really want you to be able to relate to us. We wanna evoke that “Preach it Sister!”, or “I get ya gurl!” feeling in you. And how do emotions like this come to life? When you realize you have stuff in common! Yay similarities!

So we made the decision to show you guys the five things we couldn’t live without. Like:  “No way”. Like: “I’d rather cut both my pinkie toes off” or “I’d rather eat a horse’s heart.  Raw. Like Daenerys. “   Of course we didn’t restrict ourselves to picking those five items together – hell no – we both got to choose our favorite things. This wasn’t too hard and since we’re both very girly girls, you’ll find a lot of cosmetics.

For example the “Avène Trixéra Crème”, without it I would probably look ten years older cause I have neurodermatitis and the moment it starts getting cold outside (or when I eat too much junk food) my skin gets all itchy and red. This cream is the only one without cortisone that helps. Talking about cold weather, my lips tend to be chapped as well and surprisingly the product which helps best with that is Lancôme’s “Juicy Tubes”. I totally dig the marshmallow-y one and I always feel like Elle Woods from “Naturally Blonde” when I put it on. Besides that I could hardly live without my coffee machine (I could, but I’d be very slow and grumpy) and my collection of Game of Thrones books (flying the freak flag high). Last but not least, my all-time favorite cure for everything? Ginger! Feeling sick? Ginger! Want to spice a dish up? Ginger! Hangover? Ginger. (Ago)

I am gonna start with the most precious thing to me on this beautiful collage we made for you, my watch. I never take it off and when I say never then I really mean never ever. Yes it also takes showers with me. You all can probably guess the reason for that... (my special boy gave it to me). Tweezers are essential since I am half greek and I would look like a wolf girl if I wouldn't pluck my eyebrows every day. Next up is my phone I think yesterdays post explains it all. Sadly I am an addict. Another confession I have to make, I can't live without salt. I don't really like sugar but salt is my weak spot. I totally love every food that is really salty and one of my weirdest habits is nipping soy sauce. Yes I am for real. But hey I'm not a total weirdo, for example I love make up like almost every girl on this planet and my all time favorite foundation is Lancôme’s Miracle Teint so it had to be on there too. I tell you this stuff is magic! (Melina)

So enjoy this little collage we made, turns out one month of graphic design school doesn't make you a master (and we will never underestimate all those girls on tumblr with their pastel fashion collages again...)

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