Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Babam! Here we are again with another inspiration for your Halloween costume and since it's Wednesday we decided to go with...Well we will let you guess this one. Just think of the loveliest and most charming girl in movie and TV history. Braided hair and pale complexion? Has a huge urge to kill everybody around her? Come on guys, it's Wednesday Addams! The weirdest of them all, because allegedly weird names evoke weird characteristics. 

Wednesday Addams is a super fun and easy costume to create, plus everyone will know who you are (or at least they dude did you even have a childhood?). All you need are striped stockings, a black dress with long sleeves (doesn't matter if it's lace or jersey) and a white collar, which you can cut off a blouse or shirt. Add some black boots with silver buckles and you're good to go. 
To complete the look, wear two piggy tails and lots of black eyeliner, make sure you're not tanned at all and if you want to, you can put on some black or purple lipstick. 

Maybe you could even convince your friends to dress up as the rest of the Addams family, how cool would that be? See ya in the graveyard! 

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