Sunday, October 6, 2013


Lean back and get comfortable cause today's DIY project is super easy, but at the same time incredibly practical. Have you ever been on the road and noticed that your nails look like homeless person's because you haven't changed your nail polish in two weeks? Well, we have. And we all know how important neat nails are. So here we go!  

You'll need a small jar with a lid (because without a lid the polish remover will vaporize!), a kitchen or make up sponge, nail polish remover and a pair of scissors. 

Start with cutting out a round piece that fits the bottom of the jar (use the rim to measure!). Cut the rest of the sponge into four pieces of the same size and make sure to remove the coarse side of the sponge. 

Place the four pieces inside the jar, creating a little hole.

 Pour some remover into the jar until the sponge appears to bell well soaked.

 Self explanatory.

 Et voilà, here's your travel-sized nail polish remover jar! It would even fit inside a clutch bag, though we have no idea why anybody would need to clean their nails at a bar or club...
So we hope you enjoyed our little tutorial and give it a try! 


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  2. Me ha encantado tu entrada y también tu blog. Me pasaré más a menudo por aquí!!

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