Thursday, October 24, 2013


Maybe you're sitting at home right now, all alone and you really want to watch a movie, but you can't really decide on which one to watch. Also you want it to be sort of Halloween-y, the popcorn's already popping, you're getting angry over your indecisiveness and really close to just watching the finale of Desperate Housewives for the fifth time BUT WAIT! We can help you out...
Here are our suggestions for the best movies for this special time of the year, divided into three categories, depending on how much gore and creepiness you can take. 

LEVEL 1/ "I can't sleep if my night light ain't on" 

Even you can take the following recommendations. They're more funny than spooky, but still fit in the mood!

LEVEL 2/ "Yeah I watch horror movies all the time...OHMAGAWD what's that behind the curtain?!" 

Let's be honest, you can take some eeriness and blood, but don't get ahead of yourself or you'll have to crash your parent's bed tonight...(Fun fact, this is exactly the level Melina and Ago are on.)

LEVEL 3/ "What they just cut off his hand and feet? Sorry I must have fallen asleep" 

You're the type of person we want to have around in a zombie apocalypse. Seriously. Also you probably have already watched these movie suggestions and found them "nice". 

Last but not least "American Horror Story". We know it's not a movie. But since the third season is currently on TV, we thought (or Ago thought, because Melina thinks it's disgusting) you should give it a try, because it's super awesome and thrilling and the actors are brilliant. Much love for this gem of American TV! 

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