Thursday, October 10, 2013


We thought long and hard about what we should post today and came to the conclusion, that you should meet someone very special in our life. Our shoe closet. We know it sounds all girly and cliché, but when it comes to shoes we ARE all girly and cliché. You can't tell us, that you never spent your last money on a pair of nice heels, because you knew from the moment you saw them, that they would go so well with that one dress you never wear, because you don't have the right pair of shoes for it. Or that you never ever wore a pair of boots so uncomfortable so that after only ten minutes of walking your feet felt like two raw, bloody chunks of meat. That after a night out you took your shoes off while walking home, even if it was really cold outside. 

You see although shoes are expensive and sometimes really hurtful, we bear the pain of blisters and empty wallets, because we love them so much. The sound of the heel click-clacking on the ground, the smell of new leather and the fact that heels magically elongate short legs is reason enough to perpetuate a stereotype. 

So here are our favorite flats, heels, boots, sneakers, sandals, pumps et cetera. Some of them may be worn off and dirty, but they will have a place in our hearts forever (or at least for the next three to four seasons). 

 Forever 21, cheap ass, Primark

 Zara, Office, Jeffrey Campbell

 Doc Martens, Zara, bought in a cowboy shop somewhere in Wyoming

Zara, Nine West, Nine West 

And as Gwen Stefani sang years ago: "If I was a rich girl"'s our shoe wish list. 

Shoe Wishlist

Christian Louboutin satin shoes

Giuseppe Zanotti sandals

Valentino flat

Balenciaga ankle booties

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