Monday, October 21, 2013


Every little girl dreamed of being a fairy at least once. Well, we made our dream come true tonight. Not in a pink, glitter-y way, but dark and spooky, because Halloween is right around the corner, as we told you several times. So forget all those nice fairy godmothers you know from the Disney movies and let your freaky side shine for once. These costumes may seem really hard to create, but in fact they're not. You just need a little time for the make up and especially for the wings, but it will pay off, trust us! 

Right now you're probably thinking " Dafuq I don't even have a tulle skirt or some other fancy shit like that!", but what you're wearing is not that important, since you'll have a kick-ass makeup and wings (you'll find the link to an awesome tutorial down below). You could wear anything, from an innocent white maxi dress to a sexy black body con dress. Just raid your closet and you'll find something. So check out the second post of our instant costume challenge and let yourself be inspired!

Here is the link to the cellophane fairy wings tutorial:

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  1. Great style! follow each other's blog and facebook page? :)