Sunday, October 20, 2013


Another sunny day, another outfit post. We thought why not feature our check shirts, since it's already getting colder and check shirts have something really comfortable and Autumn-y about them. Plus they're omnipresent right now, key word "Kylie Jenner" haha. No seriously, with that whole grunge thingy going on, you can't do anything wrong by wearing a check shirt (even around the hips, but that's pretty daring!). 
While Melina's outfit is more contemporary and trendy, Ago's is a little "trucker bride from the eighties". But see for yourselves and decide which one you like best. Oh and before we forget, check out the picture of "Wobbly" the cat we met today. Cutest. Cat. Ever. He was born deaf and with a limp, that's where he got his name from. Anyways, he was such a sweetie, just wobbling around the park and being carried in a stroller by his owner, a really nice old lady. Just adorable! 

 leather jacket: Top Shop; shirt: Forever 21; earrings: claire's

 belt: Mango; jeans: Pimkie

 coat: H&M; pants: American Apparel; shirt: Zara 

 sunnies:; necklace: H&M

Dorky picture number one.
sunnies: vintage replay

Dorky picture number two. 

Wobbly the cat. 

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