Saturday, October 12, 2013


Today we met up with our gals for lunch since we all haven't been together in quite a while. The half of us hungover as fuck, we discussed very urgent topics over cheeseburgers and homemade ginger lemonade. Like what to do for Halloween and how the heck that girl we know "miraculously" lost so much weight?! After cheesecake and cherry pie we all dozed off in a severe food coma, so we decided to hit the road and of course we ended up in front of a beauty shop. What a coincidence...Inside we all got into a perfume frenzy and sniffed ourselves through a vast variety of scents from YSL to Kenzo, from tart to sweet until our heads were aching and our noses were numb. You know when you have so many girlfriends, after a while it gets really hard to not cross someones "fragrance path". The moment when you will share a perfume with one of your best friends is inevitable and for some it's a nightmare. We believe that a perfume is something very intimate, it should reflect your personality thus should not be shared with someone close to you. OK enough lecturing here. Look at the stuff we bought. NOW! 

 Ago's new perfume. It's warm and musky, feminine but not too soft.

Gorgeous ciaté nail polish. Like a beautiful shiny beetle.  

Melina's new perfume. Smells like Flowerbomb and Alien mixed together. Makes you wanna lick her from head to toe.

 Awesome mascara from benefit. Proof of it's awesomeness is down below. Please ignore the patchy eyebrows...

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