Monday, November 18, 2013


Last Wednesday I was invited to the pre-sale of the Isabel Marant collection of H&M. Since I was already eying a few pieces in the collection but didn't want to get up at six in the morning on Thursday, to be one of the first crazy lady's storming the store, so I was really excited to check out the pre-sale. It didn't go as relaxed and smooth as I'd imagined. When I got there,  there were still so many people in line and inside it got crazy! Everyone started grabbing everything they could get in there hands. It was almost impossible to take nice pictures because everything looked like a big mess after five minutes. On top of that you couldn't really move because the place was so crowded! But still I had a lot of fun watching the craziness and trying to grab some pieces for myself, like the shaggy, black and white wool coat. Sure as hell,  the free drinks made the evening even more fun :). (Melina)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


So actually we wanted to do a post about the EMAS worst and best dressed, but while searching for the right pics, we stumbled upon Perez Hilton's site. What we witnessed there deserves a huge WTF. Not only doesn't he understand the concept of an interesting outfit, he seems to take a liking in the most boring stuff the red carpet must have seen in ages. For example Katy Perry and Ariana Grande. While Katy looks like a desperate Housewife in a poorly made dress (what the heck is wrong with the hemline?!), Ariana appeared to be attending a prom, in a dress that looked like it cost fifteen bucks with a hair do, that would perfectly suit Shelly, Barbie's younger sister. We even think that she's wearing skin colored tights. Again, a huge WTF. 

Next up are Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora. While Iggy landed on "best dressed", Rita took her place on "worst dressed". Why Perez? Why? These Outfits are basically the same. Both dresses are simple, yet beautiful, but would have been much more fitting for less bold personalities. Come on Iggy and Rita! You belong among the most bad ass newcomers, always prove your fashion sense and then you disappoint us like this? *sadpuppyeyes* 

 First things first, what happened to the nice and pale British girl? Ellie Goulding looks like she's slowly turning into Malibu Barbie. What a pity... Concerning the outfits, down below you'll see Katy Perry in a black fishnet something (we really don't know why it made it to "best dressed"), that reminds us a lot of Rihanna's black fishnet something, which she wore in the video to "Pour it up". White people listen closely, y'all have to stop pretending that u is black! Just because Rihanna can pull something off, doesn't mean that you can. Anyways, Ellie shows us a good compromise. It's slutty, shares a few similarities with Rihanna's outfit, but is also unique. Well done, Ellie! 

Last but not least, our beloved Miley. Again we can only shake our heads and face palm ourselves. We won't even try to explain her outfits because they're way beyond comprehension. Is there another person on this planet that loves showing off her camel toe as much as Miley does? We think not. But the thing we wanna talk about is Miley smoking a fucking spliff on stage. The most annoying fact about that story is that the whole act was planned out thoroughly, with Miley mumbling something about her Chanel bag being too small for the award, but "Oh look! What a surprise, I found a half smoked J in my bag. Yolo I'm just gonna finish that thing in front of half the world watching!" 
That's a new low even for you Miley. 

The secret "best dressed" Star of our hearts, the hilarious Will Ferrell! 

Friday, November 8, 2013


It started out with nothing more than a few spray cans and plain white t-shirts in the hands of a creative, yet incredibly enterprising girl. Over the past two years Kitsch Bitch got bigger and bigger, appearing at the occasional pop up market and producing rock concert-like queues, full of crazed-out girls, willing to spend their last cent on a Kitsch Bitch tee.

Now we are proud to say, that our friend Lilly, the owner of Kitsch Bitch invited us to witness the birth of her first store at Mühlgasse 29, 1040 Vienna. Who would say no to that? Well, we certainly did not and with our good shoes on and camera around the neck, we went there to check out the location and the other labels, which she will be selling amongst her own stuff. 
After climbing the two steps to the shop, which said: "Started from the bottom now we're here" (good one!), we found ourselves in what could have been a walk-in closet. Although the given space was rather small, Lilly managed to get the best out of it, by keeping the color scheme in black and white, with a few colorful eye-catchers, like the pair of vintage chairs or the art prints on the walls (our favorite: the picture of Bruce Lee kicking his leg up high, with a real sole of a shoe glued on top of his foot). 

While we were sipping our Vodka/Kaahée cocktails, which tasted surprisingly good, we checked out the assortment of products. We tried on some sunglasses by "Le specs" and immediately decided, that we had to buy some. By the way, guess who also owns a pair of them? Rihanna, mhm that's right...How cool is that? 
Besides the awesome eye wear, there were the cutest iPhone cases, in the shape of animals (NEED. THE. PINK. PUG. ONE!!!), the mandatory beanies and caps, T-shirts by "Illustrated People", hoodies by "muschi kreuzberg", patent "leather" gym sacks and a wide range of jewelry by "Mint" and "JUKSEREI". From bangles to necklaces and earrings, that shop has everything! Of course two walls of the room were wallpapered with her own designs. The famous T-shirts saying things like: "Brudaliebe" and "Muss da wurscht sein". We could try to translate these into English, but we think their charm and pun would go missing, so we better let it be. 

All in all we were greatly impressed by the love and hard work she put into the shop and that reminded us of the quote we mentioned before. She might not have started from the "bottom", but she did start from scratch and is very successful with it, as the opening of her very own shop proved to everyone. What's next for her is to enjoy the beautiful space she created and acquire more cool brands, because that's what Vienna really needs. Little shops with heart, which think outside of the box. Chapeau, Kitsch Bitch!

So for all of you, lucky enough to live in this beautiful city we call Vienna, who want to visit the shop personally, it's opening next week and besides the brands we already listed, there are many more. Par exemple: btch bag, hype, daily paper, agora vintage snapbacks, cartwheel project, altitude, trrbl mvmnt, et cetera et cetera.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


We want to point something out for starters, this is not us giving up. Most certainly not! 
But over the past month we realised that it is not as easy to maintain a blog as we thought. Especially if you want to post every single day and have other responsibilities than that. The both of us are studying at the moment, working, babysitting and tutoring. One of us has a boyfriend. The other has a cat (Ago actually does, but the cat is living with her parents.This was meant to be a sad joke.). We have a huge circle of friends which we want to see occasionally and well, to put it in a nutshell, we have a life. 

There's no sense in having to post, because you decided on it, back when you didn't know better. Seriously, can you imagine anything less creative, than two tired and grumpy girls, sitting at their kitchen table, trying to decide on a topic for the blog and figuring out how to take pictures that look good, when the sun isn't even shining anymore at 6 pm? We can't. 

So we decided to cut back on posting. Quality over quantity. Instead of giving you an average post seven times a week, we'll give you an awesome post every second or third day! And hey, if you don't like that, if you're all like "So much about changing your life and posting every day for a year blah blah" then maybe you're right. But let us tell you something. We've grown this past month, we've learned things and accquired new skills. So forgive us, if we're mistaken, but isn't all of that what changing is about? Yeah, we thought so too.

Monday, November 4, 2013


We love falafel. The crispy outside and the soft inside, both melting in your mouth... Simply delicious! The fact that you basically deep fry them, can be easily forgotten when thinking of how easy they are in the making. And since it's "Meat free Monday" we thought this would be the perfect recipe to share with you guys. 
Talking about being meat free, we think it is important to reflect on your eating habits. Especially those concerning ecological and ethical matters. Don't get us wrong, we do love meat! There are only a few things in life that can compete with a juicy steak or tender chicken breast, but we also believe that the actions of one person can change the world, even if it's just a very small part of it. 
It's a fact, that mankind is eating way too much meat at the moment and with that amount of consumption comes a variety of problems. From the depletion of the ozone layer, to the cruel and disgraceful ways animals are often treated with and the destruction of small local businesses by huge international meat distributors, these are only a few of the many problems. 

The appeal we're making to you is that you start thinking about how much meat you consume and if these amounts are really necessary. Once you realise you don't have to have one or more servings of meat every day, you'll see vegetables with different eyes. They're not only yummy, but also extremely versatile and super healthy of course! Your body will thank you. Since we're still human beings and one major characteristic of us is craving things, we want to point out that it certainly is OK to eat meat. Remember the juicy steak and tender chicken breast. But please make sure that when you buy meat, it is local and organic. The world and your body will thank you! 

Anyways, here is the recipe for our delicious falafel, you'll need: 

1 small can of cooked chickpeas 
2 hand full red lentils
1 garlic clove
1 egg
1 big onion 
some flour
and a lot of parsley 

Dice the onion and fry it until soft. Cook lentils until soft (takes about ten minutes). In the meantime you can blend the chickpeas and then add the lentils, onion, egg, garlic and parsley. Mash everything together and then using the flour, find the right texture. You'll want it to be sticky, but not runny! Shape the mash into little patties and coat them with flour so they won't stick together. Heat a lot of oil in a pan and fry the falafel for approximately eight minutes per side. Eat them while they're still hot and dip them in some yoghurt!