Saturday, November 2, 2013


We know Halloween is over, but pumpkin season isn't and you might still have some leftovers from your past pumpkin carving sessions. So here's a treat for all the people who are (like Melina) not too much into sweets and cakes. Besides that, who doesn't love a steaming bowl of nice pasta, topped with a deliciously creamy sauce?
Well, we certainly do and we think that you won't be able to resist this quick and easy dish either! 

Don't worry if you lack some ingredients. Just remember that cooking is a creative process and if you do it with love, the chances of your food not tasting good are close to zero. So we hope you enjoy this recipe and maybe even surprise a loved one with a nice home cooked meal. 

You'll need: 

pumpkin pulp (can't give you any measurements here, just use how much you like) 
fennel (no measurements either)
a nice big onion 
a small cup of cream
a tiny glass of white wine 
some cherry tomatoes
and of course the pasta of your choice 

After you put the pasta in boiling water, dice the onion and fry it in some olive oil. Add the fennel, pumpkin and tomatoes and stir until semi soft. Then pour the wine and cream over it and let it cook until the vegetables are done. Spice the sauce with spices of your choice, mix it with the pasta and help yourself to a big heap of Parmesan or Pecorino. Easy-peasy! 

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