Sunday, November 3, 2013


The weather was really shitty today. It was raining and the wind was blowing like crazy, so we thought we'd stay home in our freshly cleaned apartment and do what we do best: Be lazy. 
But still we have to give you some kind of post today right? Don't worry, we found something that we could do without moving an inch, namely showing you a fine selection of our favorite Instagram pictures. 
Browsing through these images we realized how different we were in our posting habits. Melina for example mostly takes photos of her friends or her environment and the occasional selfie and with Ago it's 90% photos of food. Maybe we should have named this blog "Vain and Gluttony"? 
Anyways, we are huge fans of Instagram. Mainly because you can get so much information and inspiration out of it (think of all the motivational quotes alone, love em!) and also because we like stalking a lot. 
If we made you curious now and the photos down below are not enough to satisfy your appetite then don't be shy and follow us @msmelinah and @agogurl and of course @routetwentythree! 

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