Tuesday, November 5, 2013


We want to point something out for starters, this is not us giving up. Most certainly not! 
But over the past month we realised that it is not as easy to maintain a blog as we thought. Especially if you want to post every single day and have other responsibilities than that. The both of us are studying at the moment, working, babysitting and tutoring. One of us has a boyfriend. The other has a cat (Ago actually does, but the cat is living with her parents.This was meant to be a sad joke.). We have a huge circle of friends which we want to see occasionally and well, to put it in a nutshell, we have a life. 

There's no sense in having to post, because you decided on it, back when you didn't know better. Seriously, can you imagine anything less creative, than two tired and grumpy girls, sitting at their kitchen table, trying to decide on a topic for the blog and figuring out how to take pictures that look good, when the sun isn't even shining anymore at 6 pm? We can't. 

So we decided to cut back on posting. Quality over quantity. Instead of giving you an average post seven times a week, we'll give you an awesome post every second or third day! And hey, if you don't like that, if you're all like "So much about changing your life and posting every day for a year blah blah" then maybe you're right. But let us tell you something. We've grown this past month, we've learned things and accquired new skills. So forgive us, if we're mistaken, but isn't all of that what changing is about? Yeah, we thought so too.

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