Tuesday, November 12, 2013


So actually we wanted to do a post about the EMAS worst and best dressed, but while searching for the right pics, we stumbled upon Perez Hilton's site. What we witnessed there deserves a huge WTF. Not only doesn't he understand the concept of an interesting outfit, he seems to take a liking in the most boring stuff the red carpet must have seen in ages. For example Katy Perry and Ariana Grande. While Katy looks like a desperate Housewife in a poorly made dress (what the heck is wrong with the hemline?!), Ariana appeared to be attending a prom, in a dress that looked like it cost fifteen bucks with a hair do, that would perfectly suit Shelly, Barbie's younger sister. We even think that she's wearing skin colored tights. Again, a huge WTF. 

Next up are Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora. While Iggy landed on "best dressed", Rita took her place on "worst dressed". Why Perez? Why? These Outfits are basically the same. Both dresses are simple, yet beautiful, but would have been much more fitting for less bold personalities. Come on Iggy and Rita! You belong among the most bad ass newcomers, always prove your fashion sense and then you disappoint us like this? *sadpuppyeyes* 

 First things first, what happened to the nice and pale British girl? Ellie Goulding looks like she's slowly turning into Malibu Barbie. What a pity... Concerning the outfits, down below you'll see Katy Perry in a black fishnet something (we really don't know why it made it to "best dressed"), that reminds us a lot of Rihanna's black fishnet something, which she wore in the video to "Pour it up". White people listen closely, y'all have to stop pretending that u is black! Just because Rihanna can pull something off, doesn't mean that you can. Anyways, Ellie shows us a good compromise. It's slutty, shares a few similarities with Rihanna's outfit, but is also unique. Well done, Ellie! 

Last but not least, our beloved Miley. Again we can only shake our heads and face palm ourselves. We won't even try to explain her outfits because they're way beyond comprehension. Is there another person on this planet that loves showing off her camel toe as much as Miley does? We think not. But the thing we wanna talk about is Miley smoking a fucking spliff on stage. The most annoying fact about that story is that the whole act was planned out thoroughly, with Miley mumbling something about her Chanel bag being too small for the award, but "Oh look! What a surprise, I found a half smoked J in my bag. Yolo I'm just gonna finish that thing in front of half the world watching!" 
That's a new low even for you Miley. 

The secret "best dressed" Star of our hearts, the hilarious Will Ferrell! 

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