Monday, November 18, 2013


Last Wednesday I was invited to the pre-sale of the Isabel Marant collection of H&M. Since I was already eying a few pieces in the collection but didn't want to get up at six in the morning on Thursday, to be one of the first crazy lady's storming the store, so I was really excited to check out the pre-sale. It didn't go as relaxed and smooth as I'd imagined. When I got there,  there were still so many people in line and inside it got crazy! Everyone started grabbing everything they could get in there hands. It was almost impossible to take nice pictures because everything looked like a big mess after five minutes. On top of that you couldn't really move because the place was so crowded! But still I had a lot of fun watching the craziness and trying to grab some pieces for myself, like the shaggy, black and white wool coat. Sure as hell,  the free drinks made the evening even more fun :). (Melina)

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  1. I nominated you for a Liebster Award!!